Bugatti Electric Scooter Review 2023

What color is your Bugatti? The Bugatti Electric Scooter is a sleek, lightweight, and stylish personal electric scooter that’s been making waves in the market. Especially since popular celebrities like Andrew Tate have been seen using one. With its polished blue frame and Bugatti logos scattered across its body, it’s a scooter that carries a certain level of prestige. However, it’s not just about the looks – this scooter also offers a unique riding experience that is worth exploring.

Bugatti Electric Scooter Product Highlights

  • Luxurious polished blue frame
  • Lightweight, weighing only 35 pounds
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Equipped with a display, turn signals, and a bell
  • Features a Bugatti emblem light

Bugatti Electric Scooter Pricing

The Bugatti Electric Scooter is priced at around $920 at Costco, while it retails for about $1200 on the Bugatti website. The higher price tag is attributed to the Bugatti branding, which is prominently displayed on the scooter.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The unboxing experience of the Bugatti Electric Scooter is nothing short of impressive since Bugatti prioritizes high quality in all of its products. The scooter comes in a box within a box, ensuring maximum protection during shipping. Upon opening the final box, you’re greeted with a sleek, polished blue frame that immediately catches the eye. The Bugatti logos are tastefully placed, adding a touch of luxury to the scooter.

The scooter is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to carry around. This is a significant advantage for those who plan to use it for commuting. You can easily fold it and carry it with you, making it a practical choice for urban dwellers.

Performance and Ride Quality

Once fully charged, the Bugatti Electric Scooter is ready to hit the road. The scooter is equipped with three modes, each offering a different speed level. However, it’s worth noting that the scooter struggles with hill climbing, even in its highest mode. This could be a drawback for those living in hilly areas.

On flat surfaces, the scooter offers a smooth and pleasant ride. The throttle response is mellow, and the Bugatti scooter can reach a speed of 18 miles per hour. The electric scooter also features turn signals, adding to its safety features. However, the scooter lacks a dual braking system and instead has a single brake, which could be a concern for some riders looking for maximum stopping power to ensure driver protection.

Good Features

  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

Bad Features

  • Struggles with hills
  • Short battery life
  • Hard tires

Bugatti Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Top Speed: 18 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 8 miles
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Maximum Load: 240 pounds

Design and Features of the Bugatti Electric Scooter

The scooter is also equipped with a display, turn signals, and a bell, adding to its functionality. It also has a functional folding design that’s easy and simple to use for the everyday consumer.

One of the standout features of the scooter is its Bugatti emblem light. This unique lighting functions as a touch of sophistication to the scooter and makes it easily recognizable even in the dark.

Who the Bugatti Electric Scooter Is Best For

The Bugatti Electric Scooter is best suited for individuals who value style, brand prestige, and a high end appearance. It’s perfect for short commutes, such as trips to the beach or college. However, it may not be the best choice for those looking for a scooter for longer commutes, as the hard rubber tires and lack of suspension can make rides over longer distances uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

The Bugatti Electric Scooter is a stylish and sleek personal transportation device that stands out in the crowd. However, its performance may not live up to the expectations set by its prestigious branding. The scooter struggles with hill climbing, and the hard rubber tires can make for a bumpy ride. The scooter’s battery life also leaves something to be desired, with a full charge only providing about eight miles of travel.

Despite these drawbacks, the scooter does have its merits. It’s lightweight and easy to fold, making it highly portable. The scooter’s design is simple yet elegant, with a polished blue frame that is sure to turn heads. The scooter also features a display, turn signals, and a bell, adding to its functionality.

However, potential buyers should be aware of the scooter’s limitations. The Bugatti Electric Scooter is not designed for long-distance travel or for climbing steep hills. It’s best suited for short, flat commutes. If you’re looking for a scooter that can handle longer distances or steeper inclines, you may want to consider other options.

In conclusion, the Bugatti Electric Scooter is a stylish and sleek scooter that is best suited for short commutes and riders who value style and brand prestige. However, its performance may not live up to the expectations set by its prestigious branding. If you’re considering purchasing this scooter, be sure to take these factors into account.

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